IGE Partnership, Washington, D.C.

o   “Religion, Security and Citizenship” project focused on Central Asia (2011-2013);

o   “Russian-Ukrainian Conflict Peacemaking and Reconciliation Project” including first ever meeting between religious leaders from both sides since the beginning of the conflict (Istanbul, June 2014);

o   “Practical Reconciliation Project” (Kiev, November 2014); and

o   “Peacemaking Seminar” including an unprecedented seminar/mission in Slovyansk, just a few miles from the front line in Eastern Ukraine. (Slovyansk, October 2015).

AROK Partnership, Astana, Kazakhstan

o   Permanent participant in the Secretariat for Relations with Religious Denominations in the Office of the Prime Minister, Kazakhstan (later transformed into Committee for Religious Affairs) (1999-2001);

o   Participation in Parliament of Kazakhstan working group on religious legislation and CVE. (2002-Current);

o   Organized or participated in more than 150 discussions and roundtables in connection with religious studies of the government, academic and civil society platforms (Astana, Almaty, Kazakhstan and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 2001-Current);

o   Developed educational network for religious leaders on international and domestic religious laws and policies. (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, 2007-Current); and

o   Provided expertise on subject of religious freedom and CVE to OSCE, UN and other international institutions. (2007-2017).


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